Accounts Payable Processing

Payment for Goods and Services

When a vendor sends a bill for goods or services provided, departments have one of four ways to request payment. These are:

  • Parked Invoice - Department enters the invoice into SAP, writes the SAP document number in red in the top right corner of the original bill, obtains an authorized department signature and forwards it to Accounting for processing.
  • Direct Pay - Department sends the original bill with an authorized department signature and the cost center to charge to Accounting for processing.
  • Framework (an open-ended or blanket purchase order) - Department sends the original bill with the framework number written on it, an authorized department signature and the cost center to charge (if necessary) to Accounting for processing.
  • Purchase Order - Department sends the original bill with the purchase order number written on it and either a goods receipt number (for online SAP users) or an authorized department signature to Accounting for processing.

When paperwork is received in Accounts Payable, it is audited, entered into SAP and sent to the state for a check (warrant) to be cut using the Invoice/Voucher process. The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) sends the warrant directly to the vendor unless the department requests otherwise.

Invoice/Voucher Process

The Invoice/Voucher is a computer generated form produced from the accounts payable system. It is the official University of Nebraska cover form used to submit non-payroll vendor and other bills to the State for check writing. The original Vendor Invoices, Visiting Personnel forms, Employee Expense Reimbursements forms and other documents are all attached to this form.


Copies of invoice/vouchers are no longer distributed to the departments. All vendor invoices must be approved by the department before Accounting can process payment. If a department has processed a goods receipt on a purchase order, no further approval is necessary for Accounting to proceed with vendor payment.

Warrants are mailed directly to vendors by the State of Nebraska, Department of Administrative Services. The State has implemented a Single Warrant Writer system which prints, folds and seals the warrant and prepares it for mailing, all in one operation. Vendors no longer receive a copy of the invoice/voucher with the warrant, but see the vendor invoice number(s) or other information needed to identify the payment on the new warrant stub. There may be situations where a department or vendor needs to arrange for pick up or other special handling of a warrant instead of having it mailed by DAS. In these cases, the invoice must be clearly marked with any special handling instructions. There are no changes to the distribution of payments related to the Visiting Personnel & Miscellaneous invoice (speakers, honorariums, etc.) or the Warrant Request invoice (refunds of revenue). These warrants are printed on the new form but will still be forwarded to the originating department.

ACH Payments

All vendor payments of $25,000 or more must be paid by ACH payment. If you are dealing with a vendor who will require a $25,000 or greater payment and is not already set up as an ACH vendor, the following forms must be sent to the vendor:

ACH Cover Letter and ACH Enrollment Form
W-9 Form

If you have any questions regarding ACH payments, contact Kristy Rejda at 472-8786.