Where can I locate contact information for P-Card Administration or the bank? 
The P-Card Administration can be contacted at  US Bank Customer Support can be reached at 1-800-344-5696.  This contact information is also available on the p-card website, in the policy manual and in the training material.  Your business office may be of assistance as well.  

Who is eligible for a p-card? 
Any individual authorized by the department to procure goods and or services and is an employee of the University is eligible to be a cardholder.

How do I apply? 
Complete the appropriate application form.  The completed, original application should be sent to P-Card Administration via e-mail at or mail at 401 ADMS CC (0439).  Your business office can assist with the completion and submission of an application.  Training is required before a p-card is issued to the holder. 

When I apply, is there a personal credit check? 
No, there is not a personal credit or background check on an individual applying for a p-card.  The p-card is considered University, not personal, property. 

How long does it take to get a p-card? 
Once ordered from the bank, a new p-card typically arrives at P-Card Administration within two to three days.  Cardholders will receive their p-card once training is completed.

Does my P-Card have a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
Yes, newly issued P-Cards have EMV Chip technology, which features an extra layer of protection against fraud.   US Bank will send the PIN directly to you, the cardholder. The PIN is designed for added security and may be required to further authenticate in-person transactions.  If you misplace the PIN, you can request it be resent by calling US Bank Customer Service (1-800-344-5696).

How do I get training?   
P-Card training is available online.  To register, click here.  

Can other individuals use my p-card? 
No.  The p-card is to be used only by the person whose name is embossed on the face of the card.  Card sharing is not allowed and will result in immediate loss of p-card privileges.

How do I make changes to my account? 
Requests to change account information should be made in writing, via e-mail or using the appropriate program forms.  Changes should be emailed to

My p-card is lost or stolen, what should I do? 
Contact the bank, 1-800-344-5696, and P-Card Administration, You will need to provide the bank your full account number.  A replacement card will be issued within days.   

How do I dispute a charge?   
The first step is to contact the vendor for resolution as soon as possible.  If the merchant does not or cannot assist in a resolution, contact the bank at 1-800-344-5696.  You will need to provide the bank your full account number.  A window of 60 days is available to resolve disputes.  After 60 days, your department may have to absorb any unplanned costs associated with the dispute.

Where can I find University policies regarding meals and/or travel? 
Please see the Guidelines for Funding Non-Travel Related Meals and Receptions or the Travel Services web page.

Do I pay sales tax when I use my p-card? 
It is not the location of the merchant that dictates proper application of sales tax.  Paying sales tax depends upon where the buyer takes possession of tangible items or where a service is rendered or received.  If within Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Texas, no sales tax should be applied to the purchase.  Before ordering or buying, a cardholder should ask the merchant how it handles sales tax exemptions.  A receipt should be reviewed as soon as it is obtained to ensure proper handling of sales tax for the purchase.  Current states’ sales tax forms are found on SAPPHIRE.

My charge was denied.  Why?  What should I do?  
An unsuccessful charge can result from a variety of reasons such as:  exceeding a transactional limit; lacking available monthly funding; purchasing from a vendor flagged as restricted; using an inaccurate zip code, address or expiration date; using a closed account; or having the bank flag suspicious activity.  Contact P-Card Administration at to understand the specific reason the charge was denied and to identify resolution options.

What are my limits? 
The department sets the limits for each cardholder in the department.  Two limits are set per p-card.  One limit sets a ceiling for each transaction.  A second limit is the approved spending threshold per month or billing cycle.  The department or p-card administration can help identify transaction limits, currently $1,499, $2,599, or $4,999, and monthly limits. Completed applications identify original limits set on the p-card and do not reflect any changes approved and made thereafter.   

How do I request a change to my limit(s)? 
There are two processes available to request changes to limits.  The first option is when an approver, on behalf of his/her cardholder, e-mails the request to the Program Manager.  The request should include the cardholder’s name, the requested new limit(s), why the change is necessary and if the change is ongoing or temporary.  A second option is to complete and submit a Limit Change Form (Faculty/Staff or Student) to P-Card Administration at or 401 ADMS CC (0439).

How do I know who my Approving Official is? 
Your Approving Official is named on your p-card application.  This information should be maintained in your department and is also available from P-Card Administration. 

An appropriate approver is one who has completed program training. Your department will identify an appropriate approver or reviewer for your p-card activity. 

What types of purchases are allowed on the p-card? 
The p-card is generally used for supplies, conference registrations, advertising, subscriptions, memberships, postage, shipping, utilities, rentals, repairs and maintenance, warranties, non-capitalized technology, labor, lab analysis, and consumer readily available hazardous materials.  There are other approved items that may be acceptable.  Please contact P-card Administration at for assistance if uncertain.

I want to use my p-card for a disallowed purchase.  What is my option? 
The approver should request permission to purchase the disallowed item by sending an e-mail to P-Card Administration at  The request should include the type of purchase, purpose, frequency, potential buyer(s), etc.  Approvals should be maintained on file within the business area of the department or with the voucher associated with the purchase. 

I have fraud on my account.  What should I do? 
You should contact the bank immediately at 1-800-523-9078 to prevent further fraud on the p-card.  Also inform P-Card Administration at  You will need to provide the bank your full account number.  As soon as the bank is notified, a replacement p-card will be issued and mailed to P-Card Administration.  Receipt of a new card takes only a few days.   

What is a violation? 
A violation is an improper use of the p-card.  Violations commonly result from a transaction limit being exceeded or the purchase of a disallowed item.  Common examples of disallowed purchases are personal items, food, travel, prescriptions, donations, deposits, partial pay, or a gift.  Two violations in one year will result in the loss of card privileges for one year.  In the case of a single severe violation (e.g., card sharing), immediate loss of card privileges for at least one year is possible.   

I plan to travel outside Nebraska, even outside the U.S., or I need to purchase from a foreign merchant.  What should I do? 
The bank should be notified of anticipated purchases and/or travel.  You will need to provide dates and locations of the anticipated purchases and/or travel.  The bank’s customer service phone number is 1-800-344-5696.

What is an adequate receipt? 
An adequate receipt includes the item’s narrative description, price, quantity, and any ancillary charges included in the total charge.  The receipt total should match the charge made on the p-card.  The receipt should come directly from the merchant.  Information can be received via fax, E-mail, mail or from the merchant’s website.  Documentation supporting the receipt of tangible goods to a University address should be retained with the receipt. 

What about purchasing from Amazon?  
When making business purchases from Amazon, create and use a separate business account.  Your university email and address should be used for contact and shipping information.  Do not make business purchases on your personal Amazon account.

How do I know which GL accounts to use for expenses? 
Refer to the Frequently Used GL Account Codes, contact P-Card Administration at or Accounting at for guidance.

I am leaving the University or transferring to another department, what do I need to do?  
A departure from the University system or between departments needs to be communicated to P-Card Administration at  and the p-card must be turned in.  The account will be closed.  P-cards can not to be used across departments.  If your new position requires a p-card, you will need to apply for a new card.  Retraining is not required.  


What should I look for when reviewing and approving p-card activity? 
An approver should ensure that program rules are followed and that adequate and complete documentation exists.  This review should include:

  • Paying attention to proper tax handling;
  • Assuring adequate item details such as description, cost and quantity are included;
  • Confirming the appropriate business purpose;
  • Affirming the purchases are allowable within P-Card program policies;
  • Assuring the p-card is only being used by the cardholder.

How often should I review and approve p-card activity?  
At a minimum, p-card activity should be reviewed and approved on a monthly basis.  P-cards with high volume activity may need to be reviewed more frequently.   Any disputes should be resolved within 60 days of purchase.    

An approver is leaving the department or the University, what should be done?  Notify P-card Administration at via completion of an Approving Official Change Form.  


May I delegate the Reconciler role to another?  
The Reconciler role may only be delegated to another individual already identified within the program as a trained Reconciler.  Your SAP security access must never be shared with another.  Your business office should be notified of any concerns regarding untimely processing or insufficient resources.

What information should be included in SAP?  
All item(s) purchased should be specifically identified with a narrative description in SAP.   The business purpose is not required.

What should I do when paperwork is not being submitted timely? 
Contact P-Card Administration at and the Approving Official to address untimely submission of paperwork.  It is necessary to process p-card activity in a timely manner to assure that such things as disputed charges do not lapse beyond the 60 days in which they must be corrected.  

A reconciler is leaving the department or the University, what should be done?  Notify P-card Administration at via completion of a Reconciler Change Form within SAPPHIRE. 


What is a Group Travel Card? 
The Group Travel Card is a credit card used by University employees when traveling with students for University purpose.  This program has different policies and procedures than the P-Card program.  If interested, contact P-Card Administration for further information at