Purchasing Card Training

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P-Card Training 

This video tutorial provides an overview of UNL’s Purchasing Card Program (aka "P-Card"). Topics addressed include: what a P-Card is, policies and its proper use, benefits of, proper approval and documentation; cardholder, approver and reconciler roles and responsibilities; contact info, and program statistics. This training is required for Cardholders prior to receiving a P-Card, Approving Officials prior to approving P-Card transactions, and P-Card Reconcilers prior to attending the "SAP Reconciler Training for P-Card" class. This class is recommended for other individuals who would benefit from having a general understanding of the program.
To access the video tutorial, click on the above link and register for "P-Card Training - Online." 

SAP Reconciler Training for P-Card

This class teaches participants about the roles and responsibilities of a P-Card reconciler. Class material includes instructions and hands-on training on how to reconcile P-Card charges in SAP.  This training and the P-Card Training class are required for SAP security access.
Typically offered once a month except during year end (June & July).