Acronyms & Definitions

Acronyms Description/Definition
AA Document type - Asset posting
AB Document type - Clearing Document
ABE BUS CTR Animal Science, Statistics, Entomology Business Center
ACH Automated Clearing House - batch oriented electronic funds transfer
AF Document type - Depreciation posting
AM Asset Management module in SAP
AP Accounts Payable
ASG Administrative Systems Group
BART Budget and reconciliation template
CACUBO Central Association of College & University Business Officers
CAUN Chart of accounts University of Nebraska - Cost element or general ledger account or revenue account category of purchases
CC Cost Center - A 10 digit number that describes a source of funds
CD Document type - Direct Deposit
CE Cost Element -General ledger (G/L) account or Revenue elements categorize the type of purchase ( supplies, postage, etc)
CN Document type - ACH receipt
CO Controlling - Internal Reporting module in SAP
Cost Object A term used to describe either a cost center or a WBS element
CR Document type - Cash Receipt
DAS Department of Administrative Services - State of Nebraska
EC Enterprise Controlling module in SAP
ERP Enterprise Resources Planning software - integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system.
ESG Employee Sub Group
ESS Employee Self Service
F&A Facilities and Administration - Indirect cost proposal rate
FI Financial Accounting module in SAP
FM Funds Management module in SAP
FO Framework Order - a type of Purchase Order
FOB Freight on board
FSTF Financial Systems Task Force - U-wide
FY Fiscal Year
HR Human Resources module in SAP
IB Document type - Internal Charges-Batch
IBT Intragency Billing Transaction
IC Document type - Internal Charges-online
IM Investment Management module in SAP
INTSORMIL International Sorghum/Millet Collaborative Research Support Program
INV Inventory Department
JE Document type - Journal entry
KE Document type - Employee expense
KG Document type - Vendor credit memo
KI Document type - Team travel Pcard charge
KJ Document type - Pcard charge
KN Document type - Net vendor document
KT Document type - Travel Expense
MM Materials Management - Accounts Payable & Purchasing module in SAP
NACUBO National Association of College & University Business Officers
NB Document type for a Purchase Order
NC Document type - Warrant Cancellation
NIS Nebraska Information System - State of Nebraska ERP System
NOC Notice of change
NRA Non Resident Alien
PA Document type - Payroll accrual
PAF Personnel Action Form
PAR Personnel Activity Report
Pcard Purchasing card 
PCS Program classification structure
PDF Personal Data Form
PI Principal Investigator
PJ Document type - Payroll Journal entry
PM  Plant Maintenance module in SAP
PO Purchase order
POE Programs of Excellence
PP Production Planning module in SAP
PS Project Systems module in SAP
PSL Personal Services Ledger - budget system
PURCH Purchasing Department
PY Document type - Payroll posting
QM Quality Management module in SAP
RE Document type - Invoice receipt
RFP Request for proposal
RIF Research incentive funds (also called F&A funds)
RN Document type - Net invoice receipt
RR Reporting Relationship
SAP Administrative System Project - an ERP system with 12 modules
SAPPHIRE SAP personalized help in real environment - on screen help for SAP
SD Sales & Distribution module in SAP
SIS Student Information System
SOP Standard operating procedure
SQL Standard Query Language - for accessing and manipulating databases.
SU Document type - Readjustment document
TBA To Be Announced
TD Document type - Intrastate transaction document
TE Travel expense
TN Document type - Interagency billing transaction
TR Treasury module in SAP
UA Document type - Accrual journal entry
UBIT Unrelated business income tax
UCARE Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences
UD Document type - DAS General document
UNCA University of Nebraska Central Administration
UNCSN University Computing Services Network
UND Development Client for SAP
UNK University of Nebraska at Kearney
UNL University of Nebraska at Lincoln
UNMC University of Nebraska Medical Center
UNO University of Nebraska at Omaha
UNP Production Client for SAP
UNQ Training Client for SAP
UNS Sandbox Client for SAP
UU Document type - University only JE
VCAA Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
VCBF Vice Chancellor Business & Finance
VCR Vice Chancellor Research
VCSA Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
W4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate
W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
WA Document type - Goods issue
WBS Work breakdown structure - a 13 digit number that describes a source of funds (grants)
WC Warrant Cancellation or Workers Compensation
WE Document type - Goods receipt
WI Document type - Inventory document
WT Wage Type
YD Document type - DAS feedback- disbursement
YR Document type - DAS feedback- receipt
ZC Document type - Controlling repost
ZP Document type - Payment posting