Accounts Payable FAQs

Where can I find forms, such as Visiting Personnel, Expense Voucher, IBT, Journal Entry, Affidavit, etc? Most forms are provided in SAPPHIRE. Use the search bar at the top of the Sapphire screen to find a specific form. If you are having problems finding something, contact Accounting at 472-2881.
Another State of Nebraska Agency sent me an Internal Business Transaction (IBT) as a billing document, what should I do with it? Provide the cost object and G/L account you would like the expense charged to on the form/invoice received from the state agency. Forward the form/invoice to Accounts Payable, Business Services Complex (BSC) 101. A posting with a document type KN will be charged to your cost object. If you need to change anything on the IBT, please contact Kristy Rejda at 472-8786.
How do I charge another State Agency for a good or service that I have provided to them? Fill out an Interagency Billing Invoice (IBT), making sure to write a detailed description of what is being provided and to complete the Departmental Information and SAP Coding sections at the bottom. Forward the completed form to: Accounts Payable, Attn: Lisa Hilzer, 401 Admin, 0439. An G/L Account Posting (TN) will credit your cost object.
What is the best method for paying a vendor? If the transaction is less than the limit on your purchasing card, the vendor accepts credit cards and the purchase is allowed per the procurement card guidelines, use your purchasing card.
If I need a check today, can payment be expedited? We recommend that you plan ahead and allow 5-7 days for normal payment processing. In certain instances, payment can be expedited; these payments need to be reviewed by Accounting Management for approval. You must have proper documentation and business purposes for the payment. Contact Sheila Stewart at 472-8774 to see if this is a possibility.
How do I check to see if a vendor is set up? Individuals with access to SAP can check to see if a vendor is established by using transaction code XK03. If you’d like assistance finding a vendor, contact Accounting at 472-2881.

Click here for information on searching for vendors.

How do I have a new vendor set up? Fill out the vendor setup form, which is available in SAP - transaction code ZORDER. For parked invoices, choose Send to AP. For purchase requisitions or purchase orders, choose Send to Purchasing. If you do not have access to SAP, contact Sheila Stewart in Accounts Payable (472-8774) or Martha Young in Purchasing (472-5050).
A vendor returned the University’s check to me, with no explanation or stating that it was a duplicate payment. What should I do with the check and how can I tell if the check was cancelled? Any check returned by a vendor to the department should be forwarded to Accounting, 401 Canfield Admin Bldg, 0439, with an explanation of why you received the warrant, if you have one. The payment will be verified, researched and the warrant will be cancelled. Cancellations are processed and an entry is made to you cost object. It will appear on you detail line item report as a reference document type of NC and will be a credit.
What should I do if I need to stop payment to a vendor? IMMEDIATELY contact Erin Stoddard at 472-2906 or Accounts Payable at 472-2881.
What should I do if I receive an original invoice or credit memo in my department? Provide the proper documentation for payment on the invoice, match the credit memo to an invoice (if you have one) and send it to Accounting, 401 Admin, 0439.
How do I let Accounting know that I would like the warrant returned to my department or I would like to pick it up? Most payments are mailed directly from the Department of Administrative Services at the State via an automated mailing system. If documentation is going to be sent with a payment (i.e. registration forms) these checks can be returned to Accounting. If you would like to pick up a check, please include documentation when you send the invoice to Accounting. If this is a parked invoice, use payment method R, again with documentation on how to handle the warrant once it is returned. Make sure that the note requesting the return instructions is easily noticeable (i.e. large lettering, bold, bright colored note).
Can I split the cost of an invoice with other University campuses?

Sorry, at this time it cannot be done because the original invoice must be retained in Accounting for audit purposes.

How can I tell if a payment has been processed on my purchase order or framework? If you have access to SAP, you can easily see the activity on your purchase order or framework. First display the PO (transaction code ME23), highlight the lines and choose the PO history icon. This will display by the line items all the goods receipts and invoices processed in order. You can drill down to the accounting document by double clicking the document number.
How can I find the warrant (check) number of my payment to a vendor? SAP users have access to ZAPL. This transaction allows you to search for payments in various ways. It is easiest to use when you have the SAP document number available to see your specific payment. There is an advanced accounts payable class to clarify this process or you can call Accounting for assistance at 472-2881.