Every financial transaction is identified by a document type (doc type), which is a two letter code that identifies the type of financial transaction that created the posting.  For example, a PY doc type indicates a "Payroll Posting"; an IB doc type indicates an "Internal Charge-Batch."

SAP Doc Types can be categorized by the reason for performing the transaction. Common reasons for performing a transaction are to:

Deposit Funds

CN - ACH Receipt -- Cash deposits made by electronic transfer from federal agencies or other sources through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), which is an nation-wide electronic network for financial transactions that processes large volumes of transactions in batches.

CR - Cash Receipt -- Cash deposits made through campus Cashier/Bursar offices

Move Funds

IB - Internal Charges-Batch -- Interdepartmental Billings, which include ICs and IBs, are used by departments that provide goods/services to post charges for the good/service to other departments who are recipients of the good/service. IBs are entered by automated batch input from provider departments.

IC - Internal Charges-Online -- Interdepartmental Billing used by departments that provide goods/services, such as photocopy or telephone services, or by campus financial offices to post charges to other departments. An IC posting is entered online by the provider department.

JE - Journal Entry -- Used to post revenue and expense adjustments, corrections or transfers.

Purchase Goods/Services

KD - eSHOP Direct Pay -- Vendor invoice entered through eSHOP using the Direct Pay form

KG - Vendor Credit Memo -- Credit memos received from vendors

KJ - PCard Charge -- PCard processing within SAP

KN - Net Vendor Document -- Accounts payable invoices for amounts owed to vendors

NC - Warrant Cancellation -- Credits for Nebraska State warrants (checks) cancelled after issuance

RN - Net Invoice Receipt -- Vendor invoice entry on purchase orders

Expense Reimbursement, including Travel

KE - Employee Expense -- Accounts Payable/Travel transactions for reimbursing employee expenses

KI - Team Travel Charge -- Team travel card processing within SAP

KT - Travel Expense -- Travel-related documents created with the TRIP transaction

KU - Non-travel Expense -- Non-travel employee reimbursement documents

KV - Concur Non-Travel Expense

KW - Concur Travel Expense


PA - Payroll Accrual -- Fiscal year end accrual of salaries and wages earned through June 30, and the reversal of these accruals in the next fiscal year

PJ - Payroll Journal Entry -- Used for salary, wage, and benefit cost transfers. PJ entries are done only by Accounting Functional Office staff for worker's compensation, unemployment, graduate health, and graduate remission only.

PY - Payroll Posting -- Posting of biweekly and monthly payrolls

Functional Office Use

UA - Accrual Journal Entry -- Fiscal year end adjustment to record financial activity in the proper fiscal year, and the reversal of these accruals in the next fiscal year

UU - University Only JE -- Internal University journal entry that has no effect on balancing with the State of Nebraska

Infrequent/Special Use

ND - NIS Journal Entry -- University recording of a transaction created by State of Nebraska journal entry

TN - Interagency Billing Transaction -- Posting of revenue or expense related to an Intrastate Billing Transaction for goods/services transactions accruals in the next fiscal year

UD - DAS General Document -- University recording of a transaction created by a State of Nebraska journal entry

WA - Good Issue -- Internal sale transactions from Materials Management/Inventory resale operations

WE - Goods Receipt -- Receipt of goods from a vendor, prior to entry of vendor invoice. Used only by material inventory operations.

YD - DAS Feedback-Disbursements -- Automated entries that update University books for expenditure transactions recorded by the State of Nebraska

YR - DAS Feedback-Receipts -- Automated entries that update University books for revenue transactions recorded by the State of Nebraska

Some doc types are used only by the functional office, under special circumstances or are used infrequently.

Knowing your doc type is very helpful, especially when reconciling cost objects. Knowing the doc type of a transaction may provide a clue as to what type of documentation should be provided to support the transaction. For example, if the doc type of a transaction is IB (internal charges – batch), the transaction is a batch process from a campus department like the monthly phone charges from ITS. Because it is a batch job, the reconciler would most likely receive an email with a pdf of the bill attached. If a KJ (purchasing card charge) posts, the reconciler would look for the purchasing card transaction voucher that is signed by the cardholder and approving official as supporting documentation.

Resources for more information about SAP doc types:

A printable SAP Document Types reference sheet identifying all valid codes is available in Sapphire. Viewing requires TrueYou authentication.