Purchasing Card & Other Card Programs

The University’s Card Programs offers a streamlined payment method that allows staff and faculty to pay for goods and services in an inexpensive and efficient manner.   The Card Programs include the traditional Purchasing Card (aka P‐Card) and the Group Travel Card . The P-Card’s intended use is for purchasing small-dollar ($4,999 or less), low-risk goods and services for departmental needs; this does not include travel expenses.    All items purchased are the property of UNL.  The Group Travel Card, issued to faculty and staff who travel with students, pays for expenses associated with traveling for official University functions. 

Departments participating in either program determine who is eligible to apply, set appropriate spending limits, and monitor activity for appropriate use.  Departments using the P-Card also identify approvers and reconcilers, whereas the Group Travel Card is reconciled centrally by the P-Card team. Any staff or faculty in the department who will be involved with P-Card purchases are required to complete training.  All participants in the program must also assure that the card may not be shared or used for personal purchases.

P-Card Allowable and Prohibited Purchases
The following list is not all-inclusive. Please contact our team with questions. 

Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures
An overview and summary of the Purchasing Card program. 

Group Travel Card Policies & Procedures
An overview and summary of the Group Travel Card program. Revised April 5, 2010

Prime Suppliers Policies & Procedures
For questions related to Prime Suppliers, please contact Procurement Services, 402-472-2126 or unlprocurement@unl.edu

P-Card Applications

Amazon Business Account


Best Practices

Other Information and Issues