Non-Employee Reimbursements

Expense reimbursements for visiting lecturers, consultants, interpreters and job candidates and other payments to individuals for services that should not be paid through the payroll system are paid using the Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher, which is available on SAPPHIRE along with completion instructions. This form cannot be used to make payments to employees of the University for any reason. See below for nonresident alien payment instructions.

Departments should be aware that the state will deduct state income taxes from all nonresident (Nebraska) visiting personnel when the services are performed within the state and the payment for the honorarium or consulting fee is $600 or more.

Tips on completing the Visiting Personnel and Miscellaneous Expense Voucher Form:

  • The address should be the address where the payee receives official mail. Do not use a UNL departmental address.
  • It is important that the payee sign the form, but if for some reason the signature is impossible to obtain, call the Accounting Office at 472-2881 for directions.
  • Accounting will complete the nonresident state income tax withholding where applicable.
  • If the work was performed outside of Nebraska, please note the state where the work was performed anywhere on the form.

When the form is completed and the proper departmental approval has been obtained, attach any applicable receipts to the original and forward both the original and a copy to the Accounting Office.

Non-Resident Alien Payments

Additional forms are required for NRA payments. After completing the Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher, contact the Payroll Office at 472-2010 or the Ag Finance and Personnel Office at 472-1421 for additional required forms and processing instructions.

Non-Travel Employee Expense Voucher

The Non-Travel Employee Expense Voucher is used for employee reimbursements for purchased items that are not related to travel. These forms, with the proper authorized signatures, should be submitted to Accounting promptly after the purchase is made and no later than 60 days from the date on the receipt.