Contacts/Areas of Responsibility

Financial Accounting

Mary LaGrange

Controller, 472-3337,

Lacey Rohe

Director, 472-1934,
  • General financial accounting questions
  • Unrelated Business Income (UBIT)
  • 5% Administrative Fee
  • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) survey
  • Sales tax/Occupation tax
  • Nebraska Innovation Campus

Diane Ciecior

Diane Ciecior
Senior Accountant, 472-2705,
  • Cost Center set-up/maintenance
  • Plant funds 29 WBS set-up/maintenance
  • SAP security approval
  • Process batch files and upload spreadsheets - backup

Luke Barnard

Financial Accountant, 472-3122,
  • Facilities and Administrative Rate (F&A) proposal
  • NUtech Ventures accounting

Dawn Werner

Financial Accountant, 472-4316,
  • Fixed Assets (includes capital stand-alone and fabricated equipment, and non-monetary donations/gifts)

Mitch Kaup

Financial Accountant, 472-5613,
  • Service centers
  • Cost Center set-up/maintenance
  • Distribute self-insurance and building/content insurance
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • NIS Support

Stephanie Ninneman

Stephanie Ninneman
Financial Accountant, 472-4746,
  • Off campus and inter-campus workstudy billing
  • SAP security approval
  • Non-monetary donations
  • Fixed Assets (only buildings, land improvements, and land)

Lana Anderson

Lana Anderson
Financial Accountant, 472-3149,
  • Foundation fund monitoring and reporting
  • Accounts receivable, including affiliated entities
  • Sales Tax/Occupation Tax

Gina Hotovy

Gina Hotovy
Financial Specialist, 472-1948,
  • UNL Police Accounting
  • Process batch files and upload spreadsheets
  • Post Audit Review
  • PJ entries limited to transfers of graduate tuition (519600), graduate health (519310),
    worker's compensation (519800), and unemployment (519700)
  • Accounts Receivable

Lisa Hilzer

Stephanie Ninneman
Financial Specialist, 472-3143,
  • Objects on Loan
  • Process batch files and upload spreadsheets
Financial Systems

Nora Huscher

Director, 472-7919,

Randy Goldenstein

Data Administrator, 472-4315,

Marilyn Fenton

Data Analyst, 472-3982,

Brook Berney

Data Analyst, 472-3045,

Beth Benson

Information Coordinator, 472-2100,

  • Financial Systems security

Ashley Colee

Administrative Technician, 472-7628,

  • Financial Systems security

Cindy Miesbach

Educational Program Specialist, 472-2216,

  • Financial Systems training and development

Accounts Payable Staff

Sheila Stewart

Accounts Payable Manager, 472-8774,

Jennifer Brown

Mail Clerk, 472-2882,

Shawna Hays

Accounting Clerk, 472-8604,

  • Vendors Beginning with A - D (except Dell)

Barbara Opp

Accounting Clerk, 472-8776,

  • NIS Processing
  • Mass Payments
  • IBTs & All Plant Fund (29 WBS) Invoices Regardless of Vendor

Lynn Prusa

Accounting Clerk, 472-8788,

  • Vendors Beginning with E - Z and Dell

Purchasing Card Staff

Crystal James

Manager,  Card Programs, 472-2906,

  • Limit changes
  • Policy enforcement
  • Vendor/Business assistance (i.e., MCC)
  • Cardholder support (i.e., declines; fraud/lost card/disputes; new applications; closing accounts)
  • Approving Official support
  • P-Card training

Marlene Pyatt

Card Program Clerk, 472-8778,

  • Reconciler support
  • Proper GL coding
  • Group travel and P-Card training

Travel Accounting Staff

Kristy Rejda

Travel Associate, 472-8786,

Connie Guerra

Travel Clerk, 472-8779,